Pairings will be made each Monday, starting October 24th.

You can register/withdraw at any time. Please make sure the TD knows you're withdrawing! You must withdraw before pairings are made for that week, otherwise you are expected to play that round's game out of respect for your opponent. Failure to schedule a game may result in you being removed from the tournament.

It is highly recommended to communicate through Discord to your opponents and/or the tournament director



6 rounds, one game per week (scheduled by player agreement)

Round 1: October 24

Round 2: October 31

Round 3: November 7

Round 4: November 14

Round 5: November 21

Round 6: November 28




1600+: Rated 90+30

1200-1600: Rated 60+30

u1200: Rated 45+15

Times may be played at 45+30 if both players agree



In case of disputes (you and your opponent can't find a time to play, etc. please contact the TD in your section to resolve)





  • Once the pairings are finalized, typically by midday Monday, try to get in contact with your opponent as soon as possible (within 48 hours). You should message them on Discord, or if a Discord is not provided

  • It is highly recommended to communicate with your opponent through Discord

  • Games must be completed by Sunday night.

  • Players must offer 3 different times to play, on at least 2 separate days. If a player is unable to provide the appropriate amount of times, the game should be marked as a forfeit win for the opponent. If neither player provides the appropriate number of times, the game should be marked as a 0-0 forfeit

  • If both players offer an appropriate amount of times, but are still unable to schedule a game, the result should be marked as a ½-½ Draw.

  • All results should be posted to the appropriate results tab in the spreadsheet by Sunday night. The winner should post the result, or white should post in the event of a draw.

  • If no result is posted to the results tab, the game will be marked as a 0-0 forfeit. This will sometimes result in the same pairing for a following round as the software believes the game was never played.


  • If a player does not respond to their opponent within 48 hours, the result may be marked as a forfeit

  • Once a game is scheduled, players should allow a 20 minute grace period for their opponent to show. If after 20 minutes, the player doesn’t arrive, the game should be marked as a forfeit win.

  • If a player does not respond or does not show up at the scheduled time, the player will be added to the Not In Good Standing list and will not be paired in future rounds.



  • Byes are allowed (you get a 1/2 point instead of playing) but must be requested BEFORE pairings for the week go up

  • You may add a bye to your registration at any point by editing your registration form on the site

  • In the event of a player disconnecting in the middle of the game, the players should attempt to continue the game from the current position. This is easily done on Lichess to start a game from a position. The players should not run any engine analysis or look at a computer evaluation until the game concludes. If the game cannot be continued, the game should be marked as a loss for the disconnecting player.

  • Players found using any kind of assistance (engine, book, friend, etc.) will be kicked out of the tournament, the Verified club, and possibly the Dojo

  • In case of an odd number, one player will receive a pairing allocated bye

  • Please use the #events channel in Discord for any questions. Feel free to tag a TD when doing so