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Analyzing Your Games Guide

Analyzing your games is an art form that takes time to master. Your goal should be to find the critical moments of the game, to find mistakes that you and your opponent have made, and to make evaluations on the key positions of the game.

Game analysis is essential for figuring out one's personal strengths and weaknesses.

Save each game in an unlisted (or public) Lichess Study to share your analysis with the cohort.

Tips & Instructions for Game Analysis:

- Identify the critical moments of the game

- Pinpoint mistakes from both sides and offer improvements

- Annotate mistakes/strong moves with informant symbols (!!, !, !?, ?, ??, etc.)

- Make evaluations of key positions (White is better, Black is better, unclear, etc.)

- Use words to explain your understanding of the dynamics of the position

- Try to note the clock times/time spent on each move, especially key moves


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