Welcome to the Dojo Training Program!


A structured plan to hold yourself accountable to and a group to do it with.



- Structured training plans for all levels 0-2500 FIDE

- A dedicated cohort to analyze, spar, and grow with

-Tactical milestones/benchmarks to achieve
-Opening, middlegame, & endgame sparring positions to hone your skills


Included within the training plans are videos/guides on how to properly work through the material, as well as specific games to study, games to memorize, opening repertoires, and other useful content. For more info, make sure to check out the Training Program FAQ.


Subscribing at a monthly ($15) or yearly ($100) rate gives you access to all training plans, as well as access to an exclusive Discord server where you will be able to interact with your cohort, find sparring partners, and post your analysis/progress. Joining the Discord is an important part of the program and working and discussing with your cohort, so make sure to join once you have subscribed!


Please use the table below to choose your appropriate rating level. All programs are based off of FIDE ratings. If you do not have a FIDE rating, use the conversion table. While we all know there is no exact science for a rating conversion, these are general estimates based on data we have collected. Make sure to ask in the Discord if you have any questions regarding your rating.