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Playing Games Guide

It is essential to play longer games to build your intuition and calculation skills. You will also need something substantive to review afterwards. In general, blitz/rapid games are far less useful for maximizing long-term improvement.

Time Controls:

  • Classical

  • 1600+: 90+30

  • 1200+: 60+30

  • 800-1200: 45+15

  • Under 800: 30+15

Tips & Instructions:

  • Use your time

  • Don’t get distracted (no phone, multitasking, tweeting, chatting)

  • Do not use assistance of any kind (books, friends, courses, databases, etc.)

  • Focus on the game. Full effort.

After the game, offer to do a post-mortem to your opponent which can be done via Discord, Zoom, Skype, etc. A solid post-mortem will serve as a basis and start for your game analysis.


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