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ChessDojo Problem Database

The Dojo is building the best database of Training Positions.

We use only problems that a human has found the answer to, either OTB or in the post-mortem.

Like in a real game the solver doesn’t know if the position is to win, draw or for an advantage.

Answers may be positional or involve deep calculation.

Because the answers have not been computer checked the solver is encouraged to doubt the answer!

Predecessors to our database are: The Best Move by Hort and Jansa, Perfect Your Chess by Grabinsky and Volokitin, Chess Tactics from Scratch Weteschnik.

Like the positions from those books we are looking out for positions that catch our eye, maybe show us something new and interesting about chess.

Because of technology we dream of organizing and presenting the puzzles in a variety of ways: 100 King’s Indian puzzles, 300 Dojo Endgames etc Book, Kindle, Chessable

Below is a great example, from Perfect Your Chess, of the kind of practical problem we are interested in.


White to play.

Sutovsky,Emil (2661) - Morozevich,Alexander (2732) [B30]

BCF-chT 0304 (4NCL) West Bromwich (11.1), 23.05.2004

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