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Dojo Training Program 2.0!

A structured plan to hold yourself accountable to and a group to do it with.


  • Completely new scoreboard, user profile, database of annotated games, & more 

  • Updated tasks, books, sparring positions, games to study, games to memorize

  • Progress scores + time tracker for ultimate accountability



User ratings + plan completion stats

Group scoreboard for each cohort

Training Program task categories

Score breakdown by category

Time breakdown by category










User activity timeline





Annotated games database + viewer




Shared group calendar for training games & study sessions


  • Structured training plans for all levels between 0-2500 FIDE

  • Exclusive Discord server for all members of the program

  • Online scoreboard and progress tracker

  • Dedicated community to spar, analyze, & grow with

  • Tactical milestones/benchmarks to achieve

  • Opening, middlegame, & endgame sparring positions to hone your skills

  • Opening Repertoires (Aggressive 1.e4, Kostya's King's Indian, etc.)

  • Dojo Puzzle Database (collection of student found tactics)

SAMPLE TRAINING PLAN (1100-1200 band)

  1. Play & annotate 35 classical games

  2. Complete 12 post-mortems

  3. Solve Polgar Mates 1-800

  4. Puzzle Rush 5-min Score: 18

  5. Puzzle Rush Survival Score: 25

  6. Middlegame Sparring Position

  7. Endgame Sparring Position + Algorithm

  8. Silman - Complete Endgame Course Parts 1-2 (not included in program)

  9. Chernev - Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played (not included)

  10. Study 20 Classic Games (included)

  11. Memorize 1 Classic Game (included)

  12. Watch 60-min Opening Principles video (included)

  13. Review model annotated game

  14. Analyze game of someone rated 400-600

  15. Review game w/ higher rated player

Also included within each training plan are videos/guides on how to properly study and train, PGNs of all games to study/memorize, opening repertoires, and other useful content. Not included are any books that must be purchased separately. To view the recommended books for each rating band, check out Books By Rating.

Subscribing at a monthly ($15) or yearly ($100) rate provides access to all training plans, as well as access to an exclusive Discord server where you will be able to ask questions, interact with your cohort, find sparring partners, and post your analysis/progress. Joining the Discord is an important part of the program to get you working and training with others in your group, so make sure to join once you have subscribed!

For more details on the program, make sure to check out the Training Program FAQ.

Not sure which band to join? No problem! Signing up for any individual plan (0-300, 400-500, 1100-1200, etc.) gives you access to every individual plan. So it is very easy to switch groups if the material is too easy/too difficult.

Furthermore, you can use the Rating Converter down below to help you figure out which group to join.


Please use the converter below to choose your appropriate rating level. All programs are based off of FIDE Classical ratings, and we've provided a table to help players figure out which group to join. While there is no exact science for a rating conversion, these are general estimates based on data we have collected. Remember that upon signing up, you will get access to all 21 plans (from 0-2500) and can easily switch to a different training plan whenever you like.

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